The project began in 1994 when I was skiing the slopes of Crested Butte, Colorado USA, where the Extreme Ski World Cup was being held. While riding with David Swanwick, Shane McConkey and others, the dream of offering hi–tech gear to the South American public started to take shape.

In 1997, the company "The Edge Sports" was created.

We started representing K2, supplying skis, snowboards and inline skates. A year later, products from SANTA CRUZ (1998–2004), INDEPENDENT (1998–2004), STATUS SKATEBOARDS (1998–2002), DNA (1998–2002), THINK SKATEBOARDS (1998–2002), RICTA WHEELS (1998–2004), PRO–TEC (1998–2004) and TSG (1998–2000) were incorporated, satisfying the requirements of most of their customers.

While playing inline hockey, the idea of providing high quality hockey goods to the market emerged, introducing CCM, MISSION and EASTON (1999–2002).

Later, a water product line was created to supply XCEL HAWAII neoprene suits (1999–2004), MOREY, MANTA and BZ body boards, LIQUID FORCE wakeboards, kites and accessories (2002–2008), STICKY BUMPS and SEX WAX paraffin waxes, and XM leashes. Surfboards, shaped by Brazilian Avelino Bastos, were incorporated with the TROPICAL BRAZIL brand, and GLOBE SHOES completed the summer trend gear.

The market got bigger with the distribution of K2 for all Latin American countries (1997–2004).

At the same time, we started to distribute SCOTT skis and protective gear . Then BURTON (2005) and NITRO snowboards, BLIZZARD skis and DALBELLO boots (2005 – 2011) were added to the winter offer.

In 2002, we created our own brands, manufactured in Asia, Some of them are ACON in snowboards, bindings, boots and helmets; and M16 and PLAN X for skate boards and skin boards.

Our offer embraces high performance summer and winter sport products, of the most important brands in the world, and our own gear, which wraps up the vast experience accumulated in these markets along all these years.

Venancio Beamonte, founder and actual owner.